Should Children Wear School Uniform?

Have you seen different schools that wear school uniform and some that don’t? Many believe that uniforms help identify your school; some say that it isn’t important. What do you believe?

Many parents and teachers believe that uniform is vital for all schools. Firstly, some children might not have branded / expensive clothes which might  be made fun of because it doesn’t look trendy. Additionally, if you are wearing new clothes and it gets dirty, it can look old and damaged. Moreover, most agree that school uniform is helpful when you go on trips: you will be identified and everyone will know which school you are from. However, if you don’t wear your uniform, you won’t be recognised from which school you are from.

 On the other side of the argument, some argue that uniform is not relevant. They believe that wearing your own clothes is much better because the children will find it more comfortable. Furthermore, some uniforms can be uncomfortable and itchy to wear meaning you will be distracted during your lessons; they won’t be listening and won’t learn anything. It has been stated by Sophie ( aged 12 from London ) that, “My school uniform is so itchy and I can’t concentrate during learning time!” Finally, some school uniforms can be very expensive to buy and can easily get too small. Consequently, you will have to keep buying it. You can wear your own clothes instead. 

After hearing both sides of the discussion, it is obvious that uniform is vital  to wear during trips however, you can have days where you can wear what you want.


  1. #1 by Miss Dite on January 23, 2017 - 9:12 pm

    I really enjoyed reading your discussion Roheen; I agree that school uniform should be worn. Well done for using expert punctuation to join two clauses and brackets to give additional information.

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