Should we have lessons after school?

Did you hear about lessons after school? Teachers and parents at KPPS (knowle park primary school) agree. Others disagree. What do you think is best? Everyone has been discussing the situation: it seems important that many should have lessons after school.

Lots of parents believe it will be educational for children to be taught during after school hours. Firstly, it could give you something to do because pupils get bored meaning they will be more happy – which will lead to parents happiness. Furthermore, you could get more advanced at lessons so you can be more intelligent – which could lead to showing off – in class. Finally, you are more likely to get into a better school meaning a better future.

On the other hand, others argue that it could lead to unhappiness meaning they will not do school work which could lead to getting in trouble. Firstly, you could be wasting time when you could have something else to do because young children like to play after school and not do lessons. Furthermore, it has been stated by Olivia Weaver (6SD) that “I don’t think we should do extra lessons. If you have to walk home by yourself, it could get dark meaning stranger danger”. Finally, children should have a break because it is good for your brain to relax.

Considering the points on both sides, the majority of parents and children say that children should not have extra lessons. Continuing on, they can’t do clubs that they want to do meaning many pupils will not be smiling when they come into school. What would your argument be? Most importantly, what do you think?


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