The Light

Wind crushed branches and clouds covered the sky. Darkness fell as Matt and Clara (twins) started towards the gates of the derelict theme park. Warning signs stared at them. Determined to explore, Matt and Clara climbed the metal  fence that surrounded it. Rides were blanketed with dust and one was completely demolished.

Silence fell over the¬†derelict park. A gust of wind blew dust into the twins eyes. In the distance, blinding light pierced through the air flying towards Matt. How could this be? The park had been closed for decades. Curious, Matt and Clara walked towards the ride. Hypnotizing music pulled them closer. All they could look at was the ride. The music cut so did the lights. Silence. The whole ground began to shake. Then opened. Swallowing the ride. Matt and Clara couldn’t believe what had just happened. “A whole ride was just swallowed by the earth” Clara whispered in shock. Using their senses, Matt and Clara stepped away from the giant sinkhole. But what had happened? It was solid rock for miles. No caves, no water or limestone. There was no way nature could have caused this and if it were man made, it would’ve taken years. The only explanation was… No it couldn’t be… It has to be…

  1. #1 by Miss Dite on January 23, 2017 - 9:17 pm

    Beautiful description Megan. I really like the idea of ‘warning signs staring at them’- brings the setting to life and makes it sound threatening. Well done!

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