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Title:Song writing

How to song write

Song writing come in many different ways : from real experiences or from experiences you might know something about . The mains ways of writing a song is what your writing/singing about like a love song a happy song a sad song . So here is the ways to write a song .

Firstly , you think of what your writing about (in first paragraph ). think of what your feeling about in the moment your writing .If your angry write a happy song  if your sad write a love song .Secondly , think of a melody .To help with this listen to lots of music until you find your style of music ( your true style not what everyone else is listening to ) then work out the melody of your song . Penultimately , find the words to your song so just sit  and think of  lyrics -writing in a book always helps- to fit indoor idea . ultimately fit your word to the melody .

Top tips

Find a helping hand . friend family or teacher .

Try and focus and try to stay away from distraction aka phones !

Thats how to write a song . So try it . Explore your creativity.


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Storm/Homework by Lucas

The crooked trees loomed above the foul leaves as the ferocious wind was beating down on them. Somehow, the trees stood in place without even daring to take a single root off the ground. The storm grew worse and worse knowing it would  get the better of the forest. Suddenly, devilish lightning struck the earth hoping to try and stop the trees from standing. It was war between earth and weather. Earth couldn’t attack so it held in there waiting for a tragic fight to end. Would it?No. Now it was the natures turn to fight. Wind gushed leaves over trees forming a barrier. That wouldn’t stop the horrifying  storm. Lightning raged till it’s end and threw a massive lightning bolt down.


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Band practice

IMG 9010[1] from James Walker on Vimeo.

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Mystery by Sam and Jake Mizen

Darkness descended as mist filled the cobbled alley. An unknown figure wandered through the mist whilst shadows invaded the streets. A blacked-out cape waved around in the wind. Black-hearted shadows darted around in the darkness. Street lights battled against the pitch black shadows.

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The Light

Wind crushed branches and clouds covered the sky. Darkness fell as Matt and Clara (twins) started towards the gates of the derelict theme park. Warning signs stared at them. Determined to explore, Matt and Clara climbed the metal  fence that surrounded it. Rides were blanketed with dust and one was completely demolished.

Silence fell over the derelict park. A gust of wind blew dust into the twins eyes. In the distance, blinding light pierced through the air flying towards Matt. How could this be? The park had been closed for decades. Curious, Matt and Clara walked towards the ride. Hypnotizing music pulled them closer. All they could look at was the ride. The music cut so did the lights. Silence. The whole ground began to shake. Then opened. Swallowing the ride. Matt and Clara couldn’t believe what had just happened. “A whole ride was just swallowed by the earth” Clara whispered in shock. Using their senses, Matt and Clara stepped away from the giant sinkhole. But what had happened? It was solid rock for miles. No caves, no water or limestone. There was no way nature could have caused this and if it were man made, it would’ve taken years. The only explanation was… No it couldn’t be… It has to be…

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Turn on the light

The crooked trees loomed over the forest floor as the wind whispered through the tall grass. The sky frowned down whilst guarding the nearby stream. Bushes lay brown of colour as if they were dead. There wasn’t a ray of sunshine in sight for miles ahead. Many eyes could be seen among thousands of fireflies and other mysterious creatures of all sorts. Leaves scuttled along the floor as if they were running. Shadows appeared from all directions. The abandoned bridge lay alone never to be crossed again. ‘BANG’ gun shots could be heard from hunters who had found their prey. The trees swung to the wall like a moth to a candle.

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Mystery by Olivia

Jojo and Keira set off to go to the park a couple of roads away. Getting excited, the two friends started happily skipping down the road. Skipping down the road, they went into a shop to get some food for a picnic. Jojo and Kiera entered the shop laughing. Buying lots of food, they went out and ran down to the park.

Feeling a bit tired, it started to get dark.”What’s wrong?” Queried Jojo whilst they ran to the park before sundown. Suddenly, everything went black! Hearts pounding, they couldn’t see a thing. Every thing was silent because everybody had fled into their homes. Shivering with fear, they looked at each other.

“Ssss!” A strange sound hit their ears like a bullet. Suddenly, another sound. Loud footsteps. As the two friends tried to see what was ahead, they began to see a figure. It appeared to have 8 long stick legs, an oval shaped body and death threatening red eyes. All of a sudden, a huge black spider appeared. “Ahhh!” shouted Jojo. “What is it?” asked Kiera. By now, they had figured it was a huge spider. Out of nowhere, the huge spider started to hypnotize them.



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Qasim And Ryan’s Top Ten Footballers And Goalkeepers.

10. Mezut Ozil

9. Paul Pogba

8. Sergio Ramos

7. Sergio Aguero

6. Gareth Bale

5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

4. Kevin De Bruyne

3.Neymar Jr.

2. Lionel Messi

1. Cristiano Ronaldo


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Snap! A stick broke as a foot stood on it. Wind came brushing past rustling all of the twigs in it’s path. Beep! A horn made its way through a faint light. “Bye.” bellowed a girl taking a relatively quick shortcut home. Footsteps crunched the dead leaves that were scattered all over the lifeless grass. Two dark figures sprinted behind the enormous willow trees. Silence hit the woods with a speed. There was not a sound to be heard. Mist blanketed the surroundings…


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Don’t give Year 6 too much homework

 Dear Miss Dite,                                                                                                          I am writing to you because I would like to persuade you to give us less homework.

Do you always fuss every Thursday about homework? Do most of the children not do their homework? If this sounds like you and your class, listen to this vital and urgent advice: give us less homework.

It has been stated by experts that too much homework could cause stress which leads to last minute homework that will be uncompleted and poor quality. Do you really want to see your Year 6s in stress? Surely, you don’t want a student to be worried about how much they did and want them to constantly thinking about it which leads to not giving you their full concentration. So please listen to my warnings and don’t give any extra homework. Seriously, we are only children, you don’t want us to have too much stress.

Even children agree. Listen to what Silvie (a young girl from 6PT ) had to say on the matter: ” In our class we get so much homework and we only get five days to do it. I don’t know how the teachers expect us to do this! It takes more than an hour to do each activity and we get so tired and exhausted after doing it. All of us in Year 6 get stressed and we have many clubs and things to do over the weekend so it is impossible to do it all!” As you can see, this is what we think of too much homework and you must agree.

If I were you, I would listen extremely closely to what I say and take my advice. Remember to spread the word and try to persuade every teacher you can. You never know, you could find the best type of writing from a person you never thought could.

This is what I have to say about this discussion.

From Roheen

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