Jake Mizen’s discussion text

Should schools do more sports?

Did you know that three quarters of the children in the UK would rather play on their Playstation’s or XBOX’S than play sport? However, some pupils think that their school should do more sports. Do you do enough sports in your school?

Many children-that go to Knowle Park Primary School (KPPS)- think that their school don’t do enough sports. First of all, most children would enjoy school more: they’re doing things the pupils like. Furthermore, if children do more sports inside of school, it might persuade them to do more sports outside of school; they’re not sat at home doing nothing. Additionally, children would get fitter and it would be good for their health.

On the other side of the argument, most teachers argue that children do enough sports in school.

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Should poachers be sentenced to a lifetime in jail? (introduction)

There are more and more animals being slaughtered every day by poachers. They go into┬átheir home and kill them for fame and fortune but most of the time hate. Most people eat meat and are fine with it so why aren’t we comfortable with eating a lion? Many believe that killing endangered species is wrong but others believe it’s fun. What do you think ?



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Should children have homework (introduction) Jake Saunders

Do you know that children who don’t do their homework at KPPS are being punished? Teachers will send children to the reflection room. Should this happen? Some agree that homework is essential. Others believe children do enough work at school. What do you think?



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Should children be allowed to fiddle in class?

Did you hear about the children who were told off for fiddling in class? Their teacher banned them from going outside for the rest of the year. Should they have been castigated? What side are you on? Read on to find out: should children be allowed to fiddle in class?

Lots of people agree that children found fiddling in class shouldn’t be punished. Scientist and children alike, both agree that fiddling in class is good for your brain neurology. First and foremost, fiddling helps you to think and listen. It was stated by Gabriel Norris (6SD) that “fiddling is very important. I always fiddle in class and it doesn’t distract me, it helps me listen. I have to fiddle.”Additionally, fiddling activates your memories. Linking back to neurology, fiddling is vital for remembering: mathematical skills, helping the teacher, handwriting and most of all …Grammar!

On the other side of the argument,there are others who believe that fiddling in class is highly inappropriate. They think that if you fiddle, you will be punished but why? Well you could ‘Zone Out’ which means that you could stop listening in class.

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Should netball just be for girls? By Jemima German 6SD

Have you heard that only girls are allowed to play netball in schools? Some people say that it is good that boys don’t play but others say that it should just be for girls. What do you think?

Lots of people believe that boys shouldn’t play netball in school. Firstly, they believe that girls don’t get involved as much when boys are playing. Also, they say that boys are more rough than girls.

On the other hand, some people say that boys should join in in netball because it is unfair. Furthermore, many state that if boys don’t join in, then boys won’t be able to know how to play and they won’t get enough exercise.

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Jayden Grist discussion innovation

Have you heard that children are staying indoors instead of going outside? Do you think children should be active?Some people think that being active is really important. Other people think that sitting at home is better. What side are you on?


Some people believe that being active is good because playing with your with friends and having lots of fun is more important than staying indoors on your own. Furthermore, you should be more healthy than before and it gives you the chance to excersise everyday. As you know, playing Pokemon go is making people lose weight and walk or run more but it’s not everyone is doing this.

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Should we have homework? By Mollie G

Did you know about the children – who didn’t do their homework- at kpps? Their teachers sent them straight to the reflection room to be punished. Do you think that’s fair? Many people believe that doing homework is essential. Also, others argue that teachers ask too much of children . What is your perspective?

Lots of parents believe their children won’t get as good an education if they don’t get homework. Firstly, many teachers argue if they have it, then it could help them get higher scores in their tests. Also, if you do, then it will boost you up for secondary school . Furthermore, if you do, then it could boost your confidence in class.

Many teachers believe their kids are very stressed after being given homework. Firstly, if you don’t have homework, then you won’t be stressed which means you won’t have grumpy teachers. Next, if you don’t have homework, then you could get more sleep which means you will get a better education.

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Book review (Shadow )by Jemima

Shadow is an amazing book full of many fun and challenging adventures. When I first read the book, I thought it was incredible and I would recommend it to anyone. The story explores the relationship between two fourteen year old boys from different worlds and the devotion between one of the boys and a dog called Shadow. Why not get a copy and enjoy a roller coaster  ride of emotions in this fantastic book?

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Book review:The Wreck of Zanzibar.

The wreck of zanzibar is an amazing book full of real challenges that everyone faces in life. I think that everyone should read it. The book tells the story of a young girl and her brother Billy and together they will face tough challenges including losing people and meeting people.Why not get the book today and go through a topsy turvy adventure?


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Book review ‘the racehorse who wouldn’t gallop’

How do you make a racehorse gallop?

No that’s not the start of a joke. For Charlie Bass that’s a serious question. explore the wonderful life of Charlie Bass as she learns what being a horse racer is really about.








Why not get the book today and look into the life of Charlie Bass and her friends.





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