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Title:Song writing

How to song write

Song writing come in many different ways : from real experiences or from experiences you might know something about . The mains ways of writing a song is what your writing/singing about like a love song a happy song a sad song . So here is the ways to write a song .

Firstly , you think of what your writing about (in first paragraph ). think of what your feeling about in the moment your writing .If your angry write a happy song  if your sad write a love song .Secondly , think of a melody .To help with this listen to lots of music until you find your style of music ( your true style not what everyone else is listening to ) then work out the melody of your song . Penultimately , find the words to your song so just sit  and think of  lyrics -writing in a book always helps- to fit indoor idea . ultimately fit your word to the melody .

Top tips

Find a helping hand . friend family or teacher .

Try and focus and try to stay away from distraction aka phones !

Thats how to write a song . So try it . Explore your creativity.


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