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Should netball just be for girls? By Jemima German 6SD

Have you heard that only girls are allowed to play netball in schools? Some people say that it is good that boys don’t play but others say that it should just be for girls. What do you think?

Lots of people believe that boys shouldn’t play netball in school. Firstly, they believe that girls don’t get involved as much when boys are playing. Also, they say that boys are more rough than girls.

On the other hand, some people say that boys should join in in netball because it is unfair. Furthermore, many state that if boys don’t join in, then boys won’t be able to know how to play and they won’t get enough exercise.

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Discussion Homework whether or not there should be school on a Saturday.

Have you heard that some children from year six at Knowle Park Primary School (kpps) go to school on a Saturday?Some people believe that there shouldn’t be school on a Saturday and they say  that it ruins the pupils free time.On the other hand many think  that children at kpps should come to  school on a Saturday as it can help them prepare for SATS . What do you think?


Some people believe that year six should go to school on a Saturday as it gives children an opportunity to practice areas of work that they may struggle with. Many people would be shocked by the prospect of this,thinking that weekends should be for rest and fun. It’s important to understand that nobody is forced to attend school on a Saturday. The children at kpps have a choice as to whether they would like to attend( or not).Teachers give up their own time to help the children who attend and work hard to make sure that the mornings are fun.


On the other hand, some people think the weekends should be kept free for young people to spend time with their family rest and relax. Some children may also be busy attending clubs or doing their hobbies. There is also an argument that children get weekly homework and that School on a Saturday is just too much for young children .


Having weighed out both sides of the argument it is clear that having a choice to go (or not)can only be a good thing. The children that go seem to really enjoy it and if it helps them to achieve the best they can it is worth while.






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