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Title:Song writing

How to song write

Song writing come in many different ways : from real experiences or from experiences you might know something about . The mains ways of writing a song is what your writing/singing about like a love song a happy song a sad song . So here is the ways to write a song .

Firstly , you think of what your writing about (in first paragraph ). think of what your feeling about in the moment your writing .If your angry write a happy song  if your sad write a love song .Secondly , think of a melody .To help with this listen to lots of music until you find your style of music ( your true style not what everyone else is listening to ) then work out the melody of your song . Penultimately , find the words to your song so just sit  and think of  lyrics -writing in a book always helps- to fit indoor idea . ultimately fit your word to the melody .

Top tips

Find a helping hand . friend family or teacher .

Try and focus and try to stay away from distraction aka phones !

Thats how to write a song . So try it . Explore your creativity.


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Eye of time

“Whats up with your eye?” Josh asked, staring at Mary’s eye.

” Oh nothing – just a little  blood shot,” she proclaimed felling embarrassed. Tick. Tock. Tick.  Tock. The tune rang in Mary’s head. She blinked then it stopped. Where did it come from? The tune filled Mary’s ears. She needed to find out what it was. “I need to go,” she said bluntly. She left – it was still there, Mary screamed, “Get it out, get it out !”

Then darkness . For Mary at least , but for others a clock -a clock in her eye….


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Homework writing

Jenna stomped down the cold mysterious path. There was only a few meters to the park and she was meeting a friend. Jenna was  drenched. The rain spat down and the clouds were black. Jenna spotted something. What was it? Her heart pounded as the noise grew louder. It was coming towards Jenna. Scared, she went to have a look. It was monstrous – its teeth were as sharp as razors and it stood meters tall .Suddenly, it began to talk…..!


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Homework -Writing

The moon glistened in the  world of fear as Harry stumbled across the land . It was dark and gloomy , you never know what’s was there and what wasn’t.Fog engulfed the forrest .Harry was wounded from a tree he fell over . It wasn’t pretty blood was all over his leg and it hurt  to walk, but he had to keep going to get away from it .Death. Snap! What was that ?Where did it co from? Snap !It came closer . Snap ! Harry felt breath on his own neck .He turned his head and there it was ….

DEATH. Suddenly gone . Gone from plain sight .Harry was scared  and he wanted to go home but he couldn’t because he was in  Nightmare .

Days later , it happened again same thing over and over again he was being haunted haunted by the Haunter .


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The Cast part 1

Will I survive this he thought to him self ? Will I see my brother again ? Then he fell – fell down memory  lane .

Sam awoke with a fright. Waken from his dream, Sam found himself lying on the floor, sweat trickling down his forehead. He looked out the window; skyscrapers loomed over him. Everything was new since the on -coming storm happened people turned on each other, the corruption grew stronger and lucky families were sent here to the safe place – ,San Fran Sisco. The skyscraper was white and shiny – glossy you may say – it was one of the new buildings in the safe place bought by S.P.I.S (safe place international society). Sam checked for his brother Cisco born in the safe place,only five years old. Inviolable. Sam went back to bed and dried to sleep. Boom…


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