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Survive by Hiba

The wind howled as the raging storm continued to show how ruthless it was. The trees loomed over me, whilst the bushes rustled. Walking deeper into the darkness of the forest, regret surged through me. What had I done? Snap! I froze. Cautiously, I turned around. No one was there. Backing up against the tree, I looked around again. What was there? What did it want? Guardedly, I went on. the mist blinded me to see anymore than two feet ahead of me. Sweat dripped from my forehead. Scanning the area behind me, a chill ran through my body. In front of me a dark figure stood there. Bliking at it, it suddenly disappeared. Who is that? My mind raced. peering through the mist, it was there again. the last thing I saw was a dark figure approaching before everything went black.