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Lucy and her friends by Courtney Gifford and Charley-May Friend 6SD

Once a upon a time there was a girl called Lucy she was 11. It was halloween and she dressed up as a witch. She went with her friends Emily , Charley and Sophie . They all wore the same and they went to houses getting sweets . As soon as they got back they ate it all . After she asked if they were allowed to go to their nan’s. “Yes!!!!” screached mum as she grew more and more angry. Skipping out the door, the girls linked hands singing we’re all in this together [high school musical]



The magic box by Jemima

I will put in the box,

A single scarlet echo from the darkest of caves, a violet wish from the deepest of souls, an indigo moon on the brightest of nights.

I will put in the box,

The last tick of a clock, the first movement of a baby, the smell of my favorite meal.

I will put in the box,

A wizard with a lightsaber and storm trooper with a wand.

I will put in the box,

A silver silk sandwich eaten on the sunniest of days, a velvet cloud hidden beneath the mountains, a spec of the whitest sand from the warmest beach.

My box is made from titanium steal, its lid is the skin of a crocodile, its hinges are the joints of my toes. My box is unbreakable just you wait and see. If you try and open it, it will bring you to your knees.



Survive by Hiba

The wind howled as the raging storm continued to show how ruthless it was. The trees loomed over me, whilst the bushes rustled. Walking deeper into the darkness of the forest, regret surged through me. What had I done? Snap! I froze. Cautiously, I turned around. No one was there. Backing up against the tree, I looked around again. What was there? What did it want? Guardedly, I went on. the mist blinded me to see anymore than two feet ahead of me. Sweat dripped from my forehead. Scanning the area behind me, a chill ran through my body. In front of me a dark figure stood there. Bliking at it, it suddenly disappeared. Who is that? My mind raced. peering through the mist, it was there again. the last thing I saw was a dark figure approaching before everything went black.



Turn on the light by Jemima German

I woke up somewhere I’d never seen before .I helped Alice and then i sat up .it looked a bit like a forest but it was much more mystical so it couldn’t be .I pinched myself to see if it was a dream ,it wasn’t .the lonely trees strangled each other as if they were fighting.there was no life not a bird not a badger not Evan a bee and worst of all not one flower. I can remember Alice saying turn on the light Evan though there  was no light apart from one  I said it was just a ray of sunshine but she  kept on saying it was the Devils eye then we  saw someone emerge from the shadows a hooded figure .he started to walk towards us .I told Alice  to run but she  didn’t listen  instead  she ran towards him  I told her come with me but she didn’t listen  it was like she was hypnotised her head started ticking as if it was a clock then he spoke he said”the Lord of the devil has risen again”I didn’t know what it meant and I didn’t want to find out but I couldn’t leave Alice I thought to myself over and over again if I should leave or if I should stay.trembling with fear I hid behind a tree Alice looked up to the hooded figure and he looked down onAlice 2seconds later she was turned into stone that was it I couldn’t  stay Evan know Alice was my best friend  I  don’t want to be turned into stone so I had to  leave I was devistated about Alice but I hadn’t to tell her mum  after hours of  searching I  finally found a way out I was home … Read the rest of this entry »

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A tale of two cookies by Jemima German

Once upon a time, there were two cookies called Steve and eve and they lived on a plate in a house alone.Yes boring.One night when they were asleep they were woken by a strange noise (flip flap) an unusual  creature approached  them.His eyes were like fire ,his teeth were like knives and he smelt of well tuna.He licked he’s lips and slowly walked towards them.

“Uh oh”

“What will they  do”

Because they were cookies they had chocolate chip brains so they don’t really know what is approaching them and if they don’t no a cat when they see one they won’t last long. But this cat was different. It looked normal and smelt normal well almost but best of all he was magic! yes you heard me magic! In fact, he could any magic trick that he desire but he wasn’t looking like that in fact he didn’t look happy at all. Because they had no proper brains and didn’t know what a cat was they went to see what was up. “What’s wrong?” they said repetedley. “Nothing to do with you guys but I shore do need a snack.”please don’t eat us we just wanted to see what was the matter” After several hours of asking he finally agreed and he explained what was wrong he said that he’d lost his two assistance Ben and ollie and no one else agreed to do it “we’ll do it “they explained the cat smiled and had a think 10 minutes later the cookies were riding on the cats tail .As fast as a shooting star  .they rode across hills and they ran through villages and the best thing about it was that they were magic and they called themselves. The cat and the cookie hat










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Will you make it to midnight?

Tip  tap tip tap Ben approached the forest. He wished he didn’t do it, he’d been dared to go into the wilderness and fetch his friends wallet otherwise they wouldn’t be his friend. He thought to himself if he would still be their friends if he didn’t do it but he was to scared to ask. He opened the gate and walked in! The trees strangled each other as if they were trying to get away. The moon shone high in the sky as foxes began to howl! The cobbled floor had claw marks from the biggest creature he’d ever seen. He didn’t know what it was but he did know it was something big, giant even. He sat down and started to weep. What if the creature found him? He thought he was going to die. A pile of bones lay alone next to him and rotten apples disappeared into the sandy grass. Then he heard a noise….

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