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Should poachers be sentenced to a lifetime in jail? (introduction)

There are more and more animals being slaughtered every day by poachers. They go into their home and kill them for fame and fortune but most of the time hate. Most people eat meat and are fine with it so why aren’t we comfortable with eating a lion? Many believe that killing endangered species is wrong but others believe it’s fun. What do you think ?



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My poem by Meg

I’ll never tell anyone but,

My teeth are secretly razor blades

My eyes are sapphire jewels

And my claws are velvet whispers

I’ll never tell anyone but,

My past is made from cogs and bolts

And my future is made from mist

Clearing as time ticks by

I’ll never tell anyone but,

My memory is made from pieces

of a jigsaw  put together to  make

a picture

I’ll never tell anyone but,

My fur is made from silk

And my mind is made from me

I’ll never tell anyone but…


Inspired by Lauren Manby