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Don’t give Year 6 too much homework

 Dear Miss Dite,                                                                                                          I am writing to you because I would like to persuade you to give us less homework.

Do you always fuss every Thursday about homework? Do most of the children not do their homework? If this sounds like you and your class, listen to this vital and urgent advice: give us less homework.

It has been stated by experts that too much homework could cause stress which leads to last minute homework that will be uncompleted and poor quality. Do you really want to see your Year 6s in stress? Surely, you don’t want a student to be worried about how much they did and want them to constantly thinking about it which leads to not giving you their full concentration. So please listen to my warnings and don’t give any extra homework. Seriously, we are only children, you don’t want us to have too much stress.

Even children agree. Listen to what Silvie (a young girl from 6PT ) had to say on the matter: ” In our class we get so much homework and we only get five days to do it. I don’t know how the teachers expect us to do this! It takes more than an hour to do each activity and we get so tired and exhausted after doing it. All of us in Year 6 get stressed and we have many clubs and things to do over the weekend so it is impossible to do it all!” As you can see, this is what we think of too much homework and you must agree.

If I were you, I would listen extremely closely to what I say and take my advice. Remember to spread the word and try to persuade every teacher you can. You never know, you could find the best type of writing from a person you never thought could.

This is what I have to say about this discussion.

From Roheen

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