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Mystery by Olivia

Jojo and Keira set off to go to the park a couple of roads away. Getting excited, the two friends started happily skipping down the road. Skipping down the road, they went into a shop to get some food for a picnic. Jojo and Kiera entered the shop laughing. Buying lots of food, they went out and ran down to the park.

Feeling a bit tired, it started to get dark.”What’s wrong?” Queried Jojo whilst they ran to the park before sundown. Suddenly, everything went black! Hearts pounding, they couldn’t see a thing. Every thing was silent because everybody had fled into their homes. Shivering with fear, they looked at each other.

“Ssss!” A strange sound hit their ears like a bullet. Suddenly, another sound. Loud footsteps. As the two friends tried to see what was ahead, they began to see a figure. It appeared to have 8 long stick legs, an oval shaped body and death threatening red eyes. All of a sudden, a huge black spider appeared. “Ahhh!” shouted Jojo. “What is it?” asked Kiera. By now, they had figured it was a huge spider. Out of nowhere, the huge spider started to hypnotize them.



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