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Mystery by Olivia

Jojo and Keira set off to go to the park a couple of roads away. Getting excited, the two friends started happily skipping down the road. Skipping down the road, they went into a shop to get some food for a picnic. Jojo and Kiera entered the shop laughing. Buying lots of food, they went out and ran down to the park.

Feeling a bit tired, it started to get dark.”What’s wrong?” Queried Jojo whilst they ran to the park before sundown. Suddenly, everything went black! Hearts pounding, they couldn’t see a thing. Every thing was silent because everybody had fled into their homes. Shivering with fear, they looked at each other.

“Ssss!” A strange sound hit their ears like a bullet. Suddenly, another sound. Loud footsteps. As the two friends tried to see what was ahead, they began to see a figure. It appeared to have 8 long stick legs, an oval shaped body and death threatening red eyes. All of a sudden, a huge black spider appeared. “Ahhh!” shouted Jojo. “What is it?” asked Kiera. By now, they had figured it was a huge spider. Out of nowhere, the huge spider started to hypnotize them.



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Should we have lessons after school?

Did you hear about lessons after school? Teachers and parents at KPPS (knowle park primary school) agree. Others disagree. What do you think is best? Everyone has been discussing the situation: it seems important that many should have lessons after school.

Lots of parents believe it will be educational for children to be taught during after school hours. Firstly, it could give you something to do because pupils get bored meaning they will be more happy – which will lead to parents happiness. Furthermore, you could get more advanced at lessons so you can be more intelligent – which could lead to showing off – in class. Finally, you are more likely to get into a better school meaning a better future.

On the other hand, others argue that it could lead to unhappiness meaning they will not do school work which could lead to getting in trouble. Firstly, you could be wasting time when you could have something else to do because young children like to play after school and not do lessons. Furthermore, it has been stated by Olivia Weaver (6SD) that “I don’t think we should do extra lessons. If you have to walk home by yourself, it could get dark meaning stranger danger”. Finally, children should have a break because it is good for your brain to relax.

Considering the points on both sides, the majority of parents and children say that children should not have extra lessons. Continuing on, they can’t do clubs that they want to do meaning many pupils will not be smiling when they come into school. What would your argument be? Most importantly, what do you think?


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I will put in the box

I will put in the chest,

A crystal scale from an ancient dinosaur,

A broken sky shattered into one thousand pieces,

A whisper from a silver secret.

I will put in the chest,

The popping of popcorn in the orangest fire,

The last bite of a crisp summers eve,

The last spark from a frozen flame.

I will put in the chest,

A last tear from an old celebrity,

The queen wearing trainers and

A football player wearing heels.

I will put in the chest,

The lights from a jet-black moon,

The glow from a turquoise star,

The laughter from cardinal rage.

My chest is made from:

The finest locks from gold,

The metal is made from aqua whispers,

And the corners are made from cinnamon wishes.

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The cake news report by Olivia weaver

Today a pink cake was seen being scoffed down by a mysterious gingerbread man. The news team interviewed a few witnesses. Here they are: “I was walking down to my local shop and then suddenly a strange little ginger bread man caught my eye eating a huge cake.” This comment was made at 11:30 this morning in Broadwalk Square where the event took place. Here is another person’s comment, it was the owner of the square. “I saw this man eating a cake and it looked quite delicious actually. Even though he was making a mess on my floor, he looked adorable.” After we heard about this, the government discussed the cookie’s doings and he is now safely in the hands of Bristol court. He could be arrested for the figure of eating a harmless cake. As we speak, the gingerbread cookie is being tested.

Don’t forget tonight’s news at 6:00 and 10:00pm


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Poem homework by Olivia weaver

A broken sky shattered into one thousand pieces.

The darkness of an ebony eclipse.

The last crystal scale from an ancient dinosaur.

The only known tooth from a megladon shark.

A last golden soul from a golden flower.

The last rain drop from an ivory sky.

As heir glow of a teal moon

Thaw dry drip of copper steel.

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