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Mystery by Olivia

Jojo and Keira set off to go to the park a couple of roads away. Getting excited, the two friends started happily skipping down the road. Skipping down the road, they went into a shop to get some food for a picnic. Jojo and Kiera entered the shop laughing. Buying lots of food, they went out and ran down to the park.

Feeling a bit tired, it started to get dark.”What’s wrong?” Queried Jojo whilst they ran to the park before sundown. Suddenly, everything went black! Hearts pounding, they couldn’t see a thing. Every thing was silent because everybody had fled into their homes. Shivering with fear, they looked at each other.

“Ssss!” A strange sound hit their ears like a bullet. Suddenly, another sound. Loud footsteps. As the two friends tried to see what was ahead, they began to see a figure. It appeared to have 8 long stick legs, an oval shaped body and death threatening red eyes. All of a sudden, a huge black spider appeared. “Ahhh!” shouted Jojo. “What is it?” asked Kiera. By now, they had figured it was a huge spider. Out of nowhere, the huge spider started to hypnotize them.



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Don’t give Year 6 too much homework

 Dear Miss Dite,                                                                                                          I am writing to you because I would like to persuade you to give us less homework.

Do you always fuss every Thursday about homework? Do most of the children not do their homework? If this sounds like you and your class, listen to this vital and urgent advice: give us less homework.

It has been stated by experts that too much homework could cause stress which leads to last minute homework that will be uncompleted and poor quality. Do you really want to see your Year 6s in stress? Surely, you don’t want a student to be worried about how much they did and want them to constantly thinking about it which leads to not giving you their full concentration. So please listen to my warnings and don’t give any extra homework. Seriously, we are only children, you don’t want us to have too much stress.

Even children agree. Listen to what Silvie (a young girl from 6PT ) had to say on the matter: ” In our class we get so much homework and we only get five days to do it. I don’t know how the teachers expect us to do this! It takes more than an hour to do each activity and we get so tired and exhausted after doing it. All of us in Year 6 get stressed and we have many clubs and things to do over the weekend so it is impossible to do it all!” As you can see, this is what we think of too much homework and you must agree.

If I were you, I would listen extremely closely to what I say and take my advice. Remember to spread the word and try to persuade every teacher you can. You never know, you could find the best type of writing from a person you never thought could.

This is what I have to say about this discussion.

From Roheen

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Should Children Wear School Uniform?

Have you seen different schools that wear school uniform and some that don’t? Many believe that uniforms help identify your school; some say that it isn’t important. What do you believe?

Many parents and teachers believe that uniform is vital for all schools. Firstly, some children might not have branded / expensive clothes which might  be made fun of because it doesn’t look trendy. Additionally, if you are wearing new clothes and it gets dirty, it can look old and damaged. Moreover, most agree that school uniform is helpful when you go on trips: you will be identified and everyone will know which school you are from. However, if you don’t wear your uniform, you won’t be recognised from which school you are from.

 On the other side of the argument, some argue that uniform is not relevant. They believe that wearing your own clothes is much better because the children will find it more comfortable. Furthermore, some uniforms can be uncomfortable and itchy to wear meaning you will be distracted during your lessons; they won’t be listening and won’t learn anything. It has been stated by Sophie ( aged 12 from London ) that, “My school uniform is so itchy and I can’t concentrate during learning time!” Finally, some school uniforms can be very expensive to buy and can easily get too small. Consequently, you will have to keep buying it. You can wear your own clothes instead. 

After hearing both sides of the discussion, it is obvious that uniform is vital  to wear during trips however, you can have days where you can wear what you want.


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You Must Go To Year 6 Camp

Do you think that you should get a break from school, somewhere far away with your friends? Do you want the best week of your life in Year 6? If u agree with these questions, you must listen to the best advice: Go to Year 6 Camp!

Many parents say that it will be a waste of money but do you really agree? Obviously, that is a lie and you will have the best time so please make sure you have everything ready because you are going. You probably have gone to Year 4 camp and you might be thinking Year 6 Camp is the same. Seriously, it is way better. You will have more fun, it will be exciting and you can take pictures of the amazing views.

All the people that have gone to camp agree. Listen to what Roheen, a young girl from Bristol, had to say on the matter: ” I went to Camp with all my friends and had the best time of my life. We did so many activities and they were all really fun. We got to know the teachers a bit better when they are out of school. We did activities that were far away from camp ( Canoeing, Crooks Peak ) and activities that were in camp ( Archery, Swimming ). “

If I were you, I would listen to everyone extremely closely and take their vital advice: go to Year 6 Camp! Remember to spread the word to every Year 5 because if you miss it, you will only do school work and you won’t have a good time.

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The Enchanted Box

I will put in a box…

The swish of the sea on summer’s sunset,                                                                                          Poison of a bite from a silver snake,                                                                                                            The tip of a toe touching a table.

I will put in a box…

A thousand – eyed creature from long gone, magical myths,                                                               A sip of the clearest water from England,                                                                                                  An excited spark from a scarlet spell.

I will put in a box…

Five coral spells spoken in French,                                                                                                              The last blink of  the oldest man in the world,                                                                                       And the first tooth of a baby.

I will put in a box…

A 10th planet and a maroon moon,                                                                                                         Snow on the hottest day of summer,                                                                                                          And flowers blooming on the coldest day of winter.

My box is fashioned from gold and emerald and diamonds,                                                         With hope on the sides and dreams in the corners,                                                                                Its hinges are tails of lizards.

My box is full of memories,

From the day I went to the best trip with my friends,                                                                           Or when my whole family had gathered together and had great time,                                                                                                                           To when I was born… 

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