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The Cast part 1

Will I survive this he thought to him self ? Will I see my brother again ? Then he fell – fell down memory  lane .

Sam awoke with a fright. Waken from his dream, Sam found himself lying on the floor, sweat trickling down his forehead. He looked out the window; skyscrapers loomed over him. Everything was new since the on -coming storm happened people turned on each other, the corruption grew stronger and lucky families were sent here to the safe place – ,San Fran Sisco. The skyscraper was white and shiny – glossy you may say – it was one of the new buildings in the safe place bought by S.P.I.S (safe place international society). Sam checked for his brother Cisco born in the safe place,only five years old. Inviolable. Sam went back to bed and dried to sleep. Boom…


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