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You Must Go To Year 6 Camp

Do you think that you should get a break from school, somewhere far away with your friends? Do you want the best week of your life in Year 6? If u agree with these questions, you must listen to the best advice: Go to Year 6 Camp!

Many parents say that it will be a waste of money but do you really agree? Obviously, that is a lie and you will have the best time so please make sure you have everything ready because you are going. You probably have gone to Year 4 camp and you might be thinking Year 6 Camp is the same. Seriously, it is way better. You will have more fun, it will be exciting and you can take pictures of the amazing views.

All the people that have gone to camp agree. Listen to what Roheen, a young girl from Bristol, had to say on the matter: ” I went to Camp with all my friends and had the best time of my life. We did so many activities and they were all really fun. We got to know the teachers a bit better when they are out of school. We did activities that were far away from camp ( Canoeing, Crooks Peak ) and activities that were in camp ( Archery, Swimming ). “

If I were you, I would listen to everyone extremely closely and take their vital advice: go to Year 6 Camp! Remember to spread the word to every Year 5 because if you miss it, you will only do school work and you won’t have a good time.

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